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Cinébébés - Portrait de famille


Fond Cinébébé texturé

How does one film a birthing scene in the middle of the woods?
Or a baby on a motorcycle?


When first faced with these challenges back in 2007, we didn’t see many options out there.


So we founded Cinébébé in 2008.

A special effects workshop specialized in maternity for film and audiovisual projects. 


We design, produce and rent out hyper-realistic fake babies, fake pregnancy bellies and maternity accessories.


All of our products are designed for use in film, meeting the technical constraints for filming and the need for realistic and credible rendering.


To this day, our workshop is the only one to offer this expertise for film shoots.


Cinébébé is a specialized brand belonging to Studio Junon.

Seaming tête cinébébé silicone


From conception to manufacturing, our entire range of products is made in-house by our technicians. They are conceived for cameras and the constraints of film sets.


Our team specializes in maternity, childcare and neonatology.

We work in close collaboration with specialized medical staff and rely on a strong database.


A team of film professionals who understand your needs and speak your language : workshop technicians, make-up artists, prop masters and production managers.



We offer productions the means to portray motherhood in an accurate, realistic wayTo film the bodies of pregnant women, infants, family scenes, whether tough or joyful.


An accurate portrayal of a woman’s body or a realistic baby on screen allows for stronger identification.

Our mission is to supply the means for this identification by simplifying the shooting of maternity scenes.

We reinject emotion where limitations once stood.

Fond Cinébébé texturé


We’re one of few special effects workshops run exclusively by women.

Julie Barrère.jpg

Julie Barrère

Co-Manager & Artistic Director

Celine Lallement

Céline Lallement

Workshop Technician &

On-set Prop Master



Happiness Manager

Justine Ray Le Solliec

Justine Ray Le Solliec

Co-Manager & Commercial Director

Virginie Dahmane

Virginie Dahmane

Workshop Technician &

On-set Prop Master

Nolwenn Caro

Nolwenn Caro

Workshop Manager & on-set Prop Master

Ondine Charon

Ondine Charon

Project Manager


Cinebébé is now part of STUDIO JUNON.


We can meet all needs for your most ambitious special effects projects.

Same team, same quality, without the baby!


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