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Fond Cinébébé texturé

A cinebaby is a hyper-realistic fake baby conceived and designed for film.


It’s the perfect stand-in for a real infant and meets all the needs of a film or photo shoot.

They come in sizes ranging from premature to 18 months, with different skin tones and hair colors, entirely in silicone or with a fabric body.


With over fifty models in stock, you’re guaranteed to find the one you need !


They have a fabric body, a head and limbs made of silicone. Perfect for all kinds of scenes : cradled in someone’s arms, in a stroller, post-partum, for a stunt…

● To be filmed with clothes on 

● From premature to 18 months

● Several skin tones

● Several hair colors


These are made entirely of silicone. They are mainly used for birthing scenes, but can also be used for bath or skin-to-skin scenes.

● Can be filmed naked or in diapers

● Birth size

● Several skin tones 

● Several hair colors

Usually booked with an on-set service

Fond Cinébébé texturé


Cinebaby is now part of STUDIO JUNON.


We can meet all needs for your most ambitious special effects projects.

Same team, same quality, without the baby!


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